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As a creative talent, it is always exciting to take the step towards self-employed status. But what if we told you that there is a solution where you can fall back on the benefits of working as an employee (think: social security, little or no administration…), but still keep your freedom as an artist?

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For artists and artistic freelancers

Tentoo is proud to call itself an “Approved Social Agency for Artists” (or SBK in Dutch). That means we are (allowed to be) active in the creative and cultural sector – supporting clients, artists and collaborators on a daily basis. In payroll, for example, but also so much more than that.

Specifically, we provide employment contracts for our freelancers on a temporary basis. What that means? Simple: enjoy all the benefits of employee status, but with the freedom of self-employment. Win-win, they sometimes call it.

And that, of course, is not all. Because in addition to contract drafting, we are also a central point for all necessary social documents. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive customized advice on business organization within the cultural sector, so you know perfectly what to expect.


Together towards your art work benefit

We probably don’t need to tell you: it’s very normal for an artist or freelancer not to be fully booked 24/7. Fortunately, as an employee artist, there is the option of combining separate assignments with unemployment benefits.

Additionally, are you saving for your art work benefit and/or working on task pay? Then you can sleep on both ears: we follow up your file extra carefully – and support you in completing and submitting your file to the union or auxiliary fund. We also help you apply for your art work benefit if you are in an artistic, technical-artistic or supportive-artistic position – and provide simulations for support when negotiating with a client.

Need more advice about unemployment and the art work benefit? Then be sure to contact us for an appointment, and we’ll go through it together.


Count on comprehensive and personal advice

Do you sometimes feel lost in the maze of laws and regulations in the cultural sector? You are not alone. And that’s not surprising: after all, chances are your projects don’t always fit into a clear box. Can’t make sense of it anymore – or have you lost your way for a while? Again, contact us so we can quickly bring back clarity.

Whether you are a visual or performing artist, just graduated or have been in the business for years – our staff at Tentoo Art is in touch with your needs and activities. They combine their knowledge of the mainstream staffing industry with their affinity for cultural and creative professions – so you only have to focus on what matters: your talent.

We tell you everything you need to know about complex issues such as price negotiation, different types of fees, unemployment, the art work benefit, copyrights and other business-artistic questions.

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Useful to know as an artist at Tentoo

At Tentoo, we have invested in a foolproof process for processing copyright and related rights. Handy, because “rights” have been and continue to be a hotly debated topic! You don’t want copyright income to be considered wages or a tax return to be delayed. In addition, you can count on using your own license agreement or we will provide a foolproof customizable format.

Screen Flanders, Tax Shelter and Performing Arts
Do you receive support for the creation of an audiovisual work through Tax Shelter, Screen Flanders, Podiumkunsten or another organization? One of the conditions for eligibility is often that your expenses are invoiced from a VAT-registered company with its registered office and operational headquarters in the Flemish Region. Fortunately, this is a condition that Tentoo Art meets. You can count on advice, calculations and invoices in accordance with current regulations.

Working Abroad
Do you get artistic projects abroad? No problem. Submit your order to one of our employees: they will then work with you to find the appropriate processing and also provide the necessary documents.

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