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When starting out as a freelancer, there are 1001 things to learn before you can really get started. Because what about that self-employed status, how do you set your price, where do you find the best clients and what is the maximum amount you can earn under which status? We tell you more about it in our blog. And do you have questions which were not answered in our blog? Be sure to let us know!

  • Legislation

    What to do in case of absence?

    What different types of absence apply in respect of temporary work, what do you have to do, and when are you entitled to guaranteed pay?
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  • Margaux Deckers

    A day in the life of a freelancer: Margaux Deckers

    "Thanks to Tentoo, I keep my spirits up at times when times are tough" Read the freelance story of the multi-talented Margaux Deckers.
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  • Freelancing

    Self-employed as a main or secondary occupation

    So you are considering becoming self-employed as a main or secondary occupation? Below we list the conditions and to do’s that follow from your choice.
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  • taxes need help

    Why life as a freelancer is (not) for you

    Considering becoming self-employed? Not entirely sure whether you feel entirely comfortable with all the rights and duties of a freelancer? As a freelancer you set your own work pace and tariffs, but you also need to be able to cope with uncertainty and follow up on your admin. Find out more about the benefits and downsides and their impact.
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