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When starting out as a freelancer, there are 1001 things to learn before you can really get started. Because how do you set your price, where do you find the best clients and what is the maximum amount you can earn under which status? We tell you more about it in our blog. And do you have questions which were not answered in our blog? Be sure to let us know!

  • soundscheck

    Working as an artist abroad

    As an artist, you might dream of an international career. But what exactly is involved in such an assignment or secondment abroad?
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  • Erwin Van Lokeren
    Freelancer in the picture

    Lighting artist Erwin livens things up with help from Tentoo

    Freelancer Erwin Van Lokeren uses Tentoo to take on assignments as a lighting designer or production manager. Read his story here.
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  • Performers

    The new Amateur Arts Fee (AKV) as a form of remuneration for artists

    As of Jan. 1, 2024, the Amateur Arts Fee (AKV in Dutch) replaces the former small fees regulation ("Kleinevergoedingsregeling" or KVR in Dutch). What does this mean?
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  • Sociale verkiezingen-kantoor

    Social elections 2024: what about temporary workers?

    2024 is not only the year of political elections in our country, but a lot of companies also have to hold social elections in May 2024. But when are you required to do so, and do temporary workers also have voting rights in the company where they are employed?
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