You may have heard the word “Dimona” mentioned at some point, but what exactly does it mean? We are ready to tell you all about this essential electronic declaration in Belgium. Read on to find out what Dimona is, why it’s important and when to file a declaration.


Dimona staat voor ‘Déclaration IMmédiate – ONmiddellijke Aangifte’. Dimona is an electronic notice that employers in Belgium are required to submit to the National Social Security Office (NSSO). It serves as a declaration for both hiring and leaving employees, in both the private and public sectors. This declaration is done through the online platform Dimona.

Through the Dimona service you can:

It is important that the Dimona IN is done before the start of work performance. The Dimona OUT must occur no later than the first business day following the date of the last performance.

why dimona?

Dimona is vital to the smooth handling of administrative matters in the Belgian social security system. The government uses Dimona data for several reasons, including:

It is therefore very important that employers complete their Dimona returns correctly and in a timely manner to avoid problems in granting social rights to employees.

Moreover, it is especially important for certain categories of workers to make timely declarations in the context of favorable contributions for these workers. For example, if you make the Dimona declaration for a student, casual employee or flexi-job late, the automatic consequence is that the advantageous contribution calculation for this particular category is cancelled.

The Dimona declaration is mandatory for all employees, including:



Dimona declaration through My Tentoo

Good news: when creating a contract through our platform My Tentoo, we automatically take care of the Dimona declaration to the NSSO. And that 24/7. That way, you can be sure that your administration is running on wheels.

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