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Freelancing without self-employment status

Work as a freelancer with all the benefits of an employee

You would like the freedom to work where, when and how you want? And you prefer to set your own price? Then payrolling through Tentoo is the ideal solution for you.

So you can get a taste of entrepreneurship – and discover at your own pace whether it can be combined with your (permanent or temporary) job.

Getting started with payrolling

Via My Tentoo, our online system, you enter the freelance market, but still maintain the security of your employee status. Easily enter your assignments, access all your social documents such as payslips – and get to work worry-free. We take care of all the billing, payment of your wages, and workers’ compensation insurance.

Find your own clients, set your own price and start your freelance career!

The benefits of payrolling for employees

  • You do not have to adopt a self-employed status, but can work as flexibly as a self-employed person. In other words, the benefits of being self-employed and the benefits of being an employee.
  • You enjoy full social protection. Consider: sick days, disability, family benefits, paid holidays, minor leave …
  • You accumulate rights in the unemployment and pension systems.
  • You will be paid quickly and guaranteed.
  • You have one employer and one central social file.
  • You have a minimal administrative burden.
  • Through My Tentoo, you get a personal database with access to social documents, work summaries, …

Social agency for artists

Are you an artist, performer or collaborator in the creative sector? Then Tentoo Art, Tentoo’s social agency for artists (SBK), is definitely for you.

We provide comprehensive payroll services for those working as freelancers in the creative industry. Although you do not have to become self-employed, you do choose your own clients, negotiate your price and the content of the job.

The rest of the work is for us: from contracts and invoices, to your workers’ compensation insurance, vacation pay and social security contributions.

In addition, you can also come to us for tailored advice on art work benefits, unemployment, copyright and other administrative questions, so you only have to deal with what matters: presenting your creative talent to the general public.

Why choose Tentoo

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