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Payrolling through Tentoo

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In short, payrolling is an easy and flexible solution for all short or temporary partnerships, both as an employee and employer. And our role in this story? That’s taking care of the payroll – and taking over all obligations and risks from the client. In this way, we ensure that both parties can do their work worry-free, without having to focus on red tape.

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The benefits of payrolling for employers

Clients enjoy many benefits when they decide to work through payrolling. Which ones are those at Tentoo? We like to list them for you….

  • Tentoo acts as a legal employer for all your temporary employees.
  • We take over all social security risks from you.
  • We fully insure all employees against workplace accidents.
  • We take care of all personnel administration; you don’t have to do anything.
  • We will keep you informed of relevant changes in legislation.
  • We are here for you with socio-legal advice.
  • We provide minimal paperwork associated with employment; everything is done electronically through My Tentoo or via email.
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The benefits of payrolling for employees

Of course, not only do clients enjoy benefits, but employees also benefit from working with Tentoo. For example, consider the following…

  • You do not have to adopt a self-employed status, but can work as flexibly as a self-employed person. In other words, the benefits of being self-employed and the benefits of being an employee.
  • You enjoy full social protection. Consider: sick days, disability, family benefits, paid holidays, excused absence…
  • You accrue rights in the unemployment and pension systems.
  • You will be paid quickly and guaranteed.
  • You have one employer and one central social file.
  • You have a minimal administrative burden.
  • Through My Tentoo, you get a personal database with access to social documents, work summaries, …
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