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Social Bureau for Artists

As an artist, you want to focus on what really matters – your artistic talent. But managing your own administration can be a burden, and setting up your own business also involves risks. Fortunately, there is a solution: working through a Social Bureau for Artists (‘SBK’ in Dutch).

Working through a Social Bureau for Artists allows you to do your creative work without worrying about administrative and financial tasks.


What is a Social Bureau for Artists?

A Social Bureau for Artists is a specialized interim agency that works as an intermediary between you and the client. It takes over all the administrative tasks from you, so you can focus on what you love most: creating.

Whether you are a visual artist or a performing artist, just graduated or have been in the business for years, a Social Bureau for Artists offers the benefits of employment, such as social security and minimal administration, while still maintaining your artistic freedom.


At Tentoo Art, we understand the specific needs of artists and performers. Our employees combine their expertise in the regular staffing industry with their passion for creative and cultural professions.

Contact us to learn more about working through an SBK and find out how we can help you succeed in the arts sector.


Working through Tentoo Art

When you work through an SBK, you make your arrangements with the client as you normally would. Through Tentoo, you then receive a temporary employment contract. What exactly does that mean? Quite simply, you enjoy all the benefits of employee status (think social security, among other things), but with the freedom of self-employment.

We pay your wages weekly and the invoice goes directly to the client.

In addition to drafting contracts, we are also the central point of contact for all social documents required. We are happy to provide you with comprehensive and personalized advice on business organization within the cultural sector.

We tell you everything you need to know about complex issues such as price negotiations, different types of fees, unemployment, the art work benefit, copyrights and other business-artistic questions.

Moreover, could you use help in your negotiations with your client? Request a simulation and find out how much net salary you will be left with.

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Flexibility and peace of mind

As an artist or freelancer, it is quite normal to not always be fully booked. Fortunately, as an employer, Tentoo offers the opportunity to combine separate assignments with unemployment benefits.

If you are also saving for your art work benefit and/or working on ‘task salary’, you don’t have to worry. We follow your file extra closely and support you in submitting your file to the union or auxiliary fund.

We are also happy to help you apply for your art work benefit if you are in an artistic, technical-artistic or supportive artistic position.

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Useful to know as an artist at Tentoo

At Tentoo, we have developed a very reliable process for processing copyrights and related rights. This is critical because the subject of “rights” is often in dispute and you don’t want your copyright income to be misinterpreted as wages. We follow legislation closely and think with you to apply it to your personal situation.

Screen Flanders, Tax Shelter and Podiumkunsten
If you receive support for the creation of an audiovisual work through organizations such as Tax Shelter, Screen Flanders or ‘Podiumkunsten’, you will be asked to invoice expenses from a VAT-registered company with a social and operational operating seat in the Flemish Region. Tentoo Art meets this requirement and offers advice, calculations and invoices that comply with current regulations.

Working Abroad
Do you get artistic projects abroad? No problem. Our staff will work with you to find the appropriate processing and also provide the necessary documents.

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