Working as an artist abroad


As an artist, you might dream of an international career. But what exactly is involved in such an assignment or secondment abroad?

Working abroad involves quite a bit of extra administration. After all, each country has its own legislation and requirements. Fortunately, as a freelance artist, you don’t have to worry too much about this – Tentoo to the rescue!

How does it work administratively?

  1. Send us the details of your assignment at least one week in advance: who will you be working for, where and when?
  2. If you will be working for a foreign client, Tentoo will ask your client for an advance payment. This way, both you and we can rest assured that the financial picture is covered. A foreign assignment for a Belgian client is perfectly possible without prepayment.
  3. Tentoo then arranges all the required documents for you:
    • An A1 document confirming to the foreign authorities that you pay social security contributions in Belgium.
    • Multiple postings are requested for international tours. In some countries such as France, an additional application to the government of the country of employment is required, we will also take care of this for you.
    • For an assignment outside Europe, we request an extra attestation from our work accident insurer. Please note: in risk countries, the insurance company may refuse the assignment or demand an additional premium.
  4. The various documents are added to your MyTentoo account. Do you get an inspection on site? No problem, you have the necessary data on hand at all times!
  5. For foreign assignments, you can also claim lump-sum allowances such as the meal allowance (or popularly called ‘séjour’) or an accommodation allowance. Different maximum amounts are set per country. Feel free to ask us for advice on the possibilities for your situation, it could save you a lot of extra net salary!

    As a Social Bureau for Artists, Tentoo is specialised in paying artists for 26 years.
Erwin Van Lokeren

Wondering how lighting technician Erwin arranges his international tours with Tentoo?