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We think it's super cool to work with Tentoo. Your tool is very user-friendly, intuitive and very clear. We also get very few questions from our staff, so we think that's great!
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About the client

JEF loves youth film. JEF brings quirky, super-good films to theaters, your home and school. But JEF is also more than film. JEF is a festival. JEF is there for and by children and youth and invites them to participate in workshops, make their own films and experiment with new media.

JEF is the point of contact for anyone dealing with youth, film and new media, in school and leisure. And JEF encourages directors and actors to work toward broader and better Flemish youth film production.


How did we help?

Already since 2014, JEF has employed dozens of workshop facilitators through Tentoo. Through our online My Tentoo platform, administration is kept to a minimum and both contacts within JEF and freelance workshop clients maintain a clear overview of the various contracts, payslips and invoices.

A long-term partnership, we love that!