My Tentoo platform

Freelancing has never been easier

My Tentoo is Tentoo’s digital platform: an innovative, user-friendly and fully digital tool to make freelancing a real pleasure. Just manage your contracts, payroll simulations and payments from the comfort of your couch?

It sounds almost too good to be true… But we promise: it’s not.

See first, then believe? Gladly! Register, it’s free, and discover it with your own eyes….

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How does My Tentoo work?

My Tentoo is an intuitive platform where simplicity and ease of use come first. You create a new contract in seconds, smoothly add new clients/employees, and consult all performed contracts in a handy list. This allows you as a freelancer or client to keep an overview at a glance, without having to do all the administrative work yourself.

Behind the scenes, we take care of the necessary dimona declarations, insurance, documents for foreign employment, etc. And did more or fewer hours end up being worked? No problem: both freelancer and client can still make changes in performance. Once we receive agreement from both parties, we provide billing and payment of wages within 7 days.


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Digital unburdening with service from real people

What makes Tentoo so special, you ask? Well, that is, of course, on the one hand, that home-made platform, and on the other hand, the fact that we guarantee your payout. But, as always, all beautiful things come in three – and it is no different with us. That’s why we like to share a third asset – our wonderful team.

Because at Tentoo, you may work completely digitally, but anything but impersonal. We are committed to the power of human advice – and smoothly connect it to the power of our digital platform. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds, and you can be sure: at Tentoo you enjoy expertise in all areas.

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Convinced? Getting started is how you do it!

Ready to get started with My Tentoo? Fantastic. Registration is arranged in minutes:

  • Create your demo account
  • Complete your registration
  • Choose your client
  • Create a contract
  • Contract approved? You will be paid within 7 days.

And remember: Still find something not clear or need help with a wage simulation or contract? Our team is just a click away – and eager to help you further.

Companies use Tentoo because…

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Need more info about our platform? Our staff helps with a smile.