The Amateur Arts Allowance (AKV) is a financial payment for commissioned artistic work. Consider, for example, the creation or performance of artistic work in the fields of audiovisual arts, visual arts, music, literature, choreography, theater or visual storytelling. Technical-artistic and artistic-support activities are excluded.

The AKV is intended for occasional, small-scale performances that are often characteristic of the amateur arts sector. Importantly, no taxes or social security contributions are due on it, allowing artists to enjoy the fruits of their creativity unhindered.

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  • Occasional, small-scale awards:
    The AKV is intended for artists whose artistic achievements are sporadic and small-scale. It encourages both experienced and emerging artists to share their talents without the pressure of long-term commitments.
  • Tax and Social Security exemption:
    One of the attractive aspects of the AKV is that no taxes or social security contributions are due on it. This ensures that artists receive full compensation for their creative contributions.
  • Digital registration:
    Both artists and patrons should register digitally on the new Working in the Arts platform. You can find a clear guide on the website (in Dutch, French or German). As an artist, you can use the platform to check how many days you have already performed. As the client, you have an overview of the artists with whom you work.
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  • Maximum performance time and fees:
    Artists may perform artistic services for a maximum of 30 days per year, with a fee of up to 77.22 euros per day and per client.
    In addition, you can receive a travel allowance of up to 22.06 euros.
  • Combination with other income:
    You can perfectly combine the AKV with other forms of compensation such as, for example, income as an employee, income from copyrights, a pension or unemployment benefits. However, if you are employed as an employee and want to be remunerated for the same client through an AKV, this is only possible if it is clearly a different type of performance.
  • Responsibility of Clients:
    Clients are responsible for declaring the artist’s performance prior to the start of the work.
  • Social contribution and reporting requirement:
    Clients pay 5% social contribution if they pay out more than 500 euros in amateur arts fees on a calendar year. For more than 100 per diems per year, notification to the Artwork Committee is required.
  • No accrual of social rights:
    The Amateur Arts Fee offers many opportunities for sporadic remuneration of artistic performance. Just know that you do not accrue social security rights and you are not automatically insured.

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