Building up your pension as a temporary worker


Building up a solid pension is crucial to ensure financial security after your career ends. In this blog post, we will discuss the main aspects of pension accrual as a temporary worker in Belgium and provide some useful tips to help you on your way to a stable financial future.

You are also entitled to a statutory pension as a temporary worker

The amount of your statutory pension is calculated based on the income you accrue during your career. As a temporary worker, you are subject to the same rules as permanent employees. Your income as a temporary worker through Tentoo therefore counts in full towards your pension accrual in the same way.

What about the supplementary pension?

Some sectors have a supplementary sector pension, also known as a pension contribution. For permanent employees, in that case the employer pays a percentage of the salary into the sector pension fund. This percentage differs per sector.
For temporary workers, this deposit does not happen, as they are employees of the temporary employment agency. However, you are entitled to this contribution if you are employed by a user (= company) in a sector where such a contribution is in force, given that, as a temporary employee, you are entitled to the same wage and working conditions as permanent employees in the same position.
In that case, you will be paid a contribution of the same value as the deposit in the case of permanent employees along with your salary. Your employment agency will list this contribution separately in your pay slip.
Wondering in which sectors this contribution applies? Tentoo will be happy to advise you.

Do not forget your voluntary pension accrual

Would you like to build up more financial security for your retirement? Then definitely think about pension savings in good time. This obviously does not only apply to temporary workers, but is a useful tip for everyone. You can build up a voluntary pension by, for example, regularly depositing an amount in an individual pension savings account or through pension insurance. The advantage of voluntary pension accrual is that you can decide how much you want to save and in what way. What’s more, you get a tax relief for this too! You can find more information about the tax relief for pension savings on the website of the FPS Finances (in Dutch or French).

Want to gain more insight into your personal situation? Via the online service you can consult your earliest possible retirement date, as well as an estimate of your statutory and additional pension amount (assuming an unchanged career).