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Would I recommend Tentoo to others? For me it works great because it's a personal and easy contact. If you're a fan of that, try it too! The collaboration is incredibly smooth, I wouldn't know why I would work with anyone else.
Jonas Mallisse

About Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is an organization that strives to reduce food waste. One-third of the world’s food is wasted. This has a very big impact economically, environmentally and also socially. Too Good to Go Belgium was founded by Jonas Mallisse after he met a Scandinavian couple while traveling in India who told him about the concept. He contacted Too Good To Go in Copenhagen and, after some urging, he got the green light to roll out the concept in Belgium.

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How did we help?

After launching Too Good To Go in Belgium, they didn’t have to wait to draft labor contracts. They were able to start working immediately through Tentoo and were able to get other things in place while they could. For students, it is additionally an easy way to keep a record of their hours and performance and receive their wages.

Jonas: “In the beginning it was fantastic to be able to start so quickly and so flexibly. In addition, we work with a lot of job students through Tentoo, which is very easy for us. It’s incredibly flexible and we don’t have to worry about administration.”